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KC :: Productivity through Collaboration

Kristensen Consulting (KC) is a research-based consultancy that provides guidance on collaborative strategies and effective, reliable collaborative infrastructures and work practices that improve the productivity of teams involved  in innovation, collaborative problem solving and other knowledge intensive tasks. Examples of industries addressed include engineering, oil service, oil & gas and facility management.

Typical client benefits include reduced costs and better alignment between customer requirements, infrastructure (including office design and ICT infrastructure) and high-performance work methods. As co-development of infrastructure capabilities and collaborative work practices typically produces better outcomes than initiatives that addresses only a single dimension, KC advocates combined approaches where appropriate. For procurement support projects KC has a proven track record in providing services that combine reduced procurement and service costs with improved infrastructure fit-for-purpose and client satisfaction.

KC provides collaborative services that increase the competitiveness of companies operating in a global economy through innovative solutions that improve collaborative effectiveness and efficiency. KC services are based on a combination of the latest research, deep insight and innovative thinking, based on solid analytical skills and a systems thinking approach. KC has an international client base and offers advice on collaborative business solutions to large enterprises and fast-growing SMEs. The company has a long track record of groundbreaking work in engineering design collaboration.

Kristensen Consulting is registered in Norway's Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities and our office is located at Aker Brygge in Oslo's Central Business District. This website presents KC's latest thinking on collaboration and collaborative knowledge work, ethical guidelines, selected case studies and information about how KC works with clients. KC believes in knowledge sharing and welcomes any inquiries and discussions on topics related to collaboration.


[25 May 2009] Book contribution: Dr. Kjetil Kristensen has contributed Rule #21 to David Coleman's new book "42 Rules for Successful Collaboration". [Purchase Book]

[31 March 2009] Forthcoming EAGE presentation: KC and a client present a paper - Future Perspectives on Collaboration in the Oil and Gas Industry - at the 71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam in June.  [EAGE Web Site]

[29 November 2008] New Report: The Future of Collaboration. Together with a client, KC has undertaken the major study The Future of Collaborationon the use of collaborative work environments in the Oil & Gas industry. The report is available for purchase. The executive summary can be downloaded here: [Download Executive Summary]